Hello, my name is Masha (short from Maria).

Tokyo, Japan (September 2013)

I started this Blog in the first place because of my novels and poems, online stories, but now it’s more about personal-development, productivity, organization, travel, beauty product I use, review of books, films and others thing, and also about languages I’m studying. In general here is a lot of lifestyle topics from my everyday life.

I’m Russian, born in Weimar, DDR. My family lived there about 5 years and returned to Russia, when I was just 3 years old. Since then I’ve been living in Nizhny Novgorod. I graduated in 2012. My specialization is accounting and audit, but in fact I practiced more in worldwide cooperation, management  and logistic. I was working in jcnn.ru, where I started my first part-time job in the library (all this reviews was made by me) and then a career, like a specialist in an economic cooperation. These whole 3 years there were amazing and the best in my life and it was so sad to say them goodbye. 

In august 2014 I moved to Saint-Petersburg, in this rainy city, dark in the winter and so light in the summer nights. Then I started making my blog

I changed my work sphere and spent a year in banking. It was not a special year for me. Fortunately I always was in the searching for something better. I returned to economy, which was more closer to Japan again. It is like a destiny when something is following you no matter where you are. I was focused on logistic and working in trade. The main orders are from Japan. Now (2018) I still work in the company with close contact with Japan and I like it. I’m going to open a new sphere for myself – project management. Will see what I’ll find there.

From the beginning I’m continuing do it for studying, for earning and keeping money to help me turn my life to the right way, maybe getting into a new college or a company of my dream, learning a languages, or opening a business. 

My own capabilities grew well and I always think about sharing them. I have the interest towards different subjects. I think it could be helpful to achieve more goals. I want to be able to get more abilities to convey the information to others, to joy the positive impact from them. So, I’m always thinking about changes in my life.I open to a new work/job/study in Uni. Even maybe to become a writer and learn more about the creative writing programs. I was interested in pursuing MFA in Creative Writing some time ago. I started writing at the age of 14. And I’m drawing since I was ten. 

My first step for the blog is write and speak more in English and Japanese. I read a lot of books, write my cosmo-opera online in my blog, rewrite my scenario to the animation movie also and study languages, as German and Japanese, which I was starting earlier and didn’t finished yet. I’m interested in non-fiction and drama. I love to write fiction very much but I don’t specialize in it. Another thing is I should also translate my works, which will take a lot of time.  

My first big romance is about the dreams and memory. It is about the past in the life of a young girl. She was graduating and started to see dreams in the parallel world. It is about the sense of loneliness and searching somebody in the forgotten memories. Many other stories and poems came from my junior high school life. They are about searching of identity, about freedom and meaningful of present time toward past and future. They are all unedited. Just only here in blog.

Need I spent a lot of months to translate all my writings and send it to English publishers? It is really a hard task since I hadn’t written any English novels and got no translating experience, but maybe it will be worthy? I don’t know yet, but I move step by step.

Anyway I’d like to find a best job of my life in the future as soon as possible. I guess I can’t wait for a long time and depend on Fortune, which will change my life… It all depends on me.

Fighting and never give up!

Nara, Japan (the end of September 2017)

Nara, Japan (May 2018)