New way, from dark to the light

“The composition looks coherent and harmonious and conveys the optimistic image conceived by the master of overcoming the frightening and hopeless darkness.”

Here is a story. Yesterday as a regular work routine I was in the gallery to do some local work. As I work remotely the day we choose with my supervisor to meet and discuss what we do and what I need to do for some different kind of projects is Wednesday. I like Wednesday as the middle of the week. I feel that something is behind and something is ahead and it is always refreshing. It remind me of my life itself and that I didn’t finish my way yet.

In the end of the day, maybe half before six p.m., I was about to stop by the store next door to finish a couple of things, where I also work remotely, and go to take a package to the post office for a customer, my mind was somewhere in the clouds, listing and writing down what needed to be done or what was done and what not to forget. At the same time, the dreaded stapler stapled the sheets I prepared for my director in such a strange way that the iron staples turned inside out and I tried to untangle them and free the poor pierced sheets.

At this very moment, my director (I will hide her name and call like W.) started to talk to me and said with so nice voice like in the movie: “Masha, I want to gift you something”.

My reaction, like always, was slow and analyzing. But I have some strange feature, when I think about a lot of things in one time or do some work which needs a lot of concentration, I switch off all the outside factors. Sometimes I could even don’t hear you. But I heard the word “gift” and my answer was so surprisingly unpredictable that W. was frozen in an attempt to understand what had happened and maybe with a small note of frustration. I hope that my explanations afterward didn’t leave her with that feeling.

I answered not “WOW”, but “WHY”.  
(Yes, sometimes I think in English, the simplest one, of course, but I answer in Russian with a terrible translation that shouldn’t be there at all).

Well, now it looks funny. I will laughing recalling the memory of this incident and will remember that. Isn’t it more possible way to remember things? You do something strange and remember that. In the beginning you feel sad as you did wrong, but time is passes and these memories just all you have and you value them so much as a treasure.

And what about that scarf?

In the gallery we have works of a really amazing artist from Japan – Fisko Wada. Directors knew him till the end of his last years and were in his home in Takayama (beautiful mountainous area) of Gifu Prefecture. Wada-san works are full of invisible power of nature. They are alive and inspiring. I have a great opportunity to see them hanging on the walls of the gallery, look at them every time just passing by, take them when we need to rotate the art works for the exhibition or pack for conservation and every time feel the energy they have. It is an amazing feeling.

This scarf (not only one) was made by his wife. And in the last meet I guess, when W. was able to meet her, she gifted it and said that it could be give away to the closest gallery workers. I think it was important for her as a visible “thank you” for the work which was done to bring the pictures from Japan to Russia where they still have a big value and are exist besides the other modern japanese masterpieces, which are not a lot of people know about. It is a big “thank you” for the memory of her husband, I suppose too.

That time when Wada-san was passed away it was the December 2014, just the fourth month I moved to Saint Petersburg and while working in the bank was always looking for a new amazing job, which will connect me with Japan again. So hard time, but so good to remember the youngest myself.

This scarf is like Wada-san work “New way”.

Fisko Wada – “New way”
Paper, pastel, 480х630 mm
Japan (1989 — 2019)

It is recallecting this feeling of a new start. I don’t know why, but I saw that gift and remembered this work from our catalog, though I never saw that picture myself and it was sold before I came in to work in the gallery, I think. I didn’t know a lot about him and didn’t work at that place that time he was alive, or did something to bring his works here, as I was doing other kinds of job, but … I got the scarf.

In some way I thought that this gift came to me in the right time and is a sign (some days after I wrote something in my diary for my future self). Silly thoughts, but who knows? I don’t tell you what exactly I wrote there, but you know, this scarf looks like the answer that everything is possible. And I will do my best to write again later that I got my dream come true…