The book about hope…

I like that I deleted my instagrams. So much time I have to read and learnt and to be not depend on others opinion and be concerned about anything that bothered me once that have nothing to deal with me at all. I appreciate this empty and lonely hours with myself and my own mind, when I can create and do something productive for my future self.

This book “Everything Is Fucked: A Book About Hope” I noticed in Kinokuniya Dubai and bought immediately, as I never saw the original version in Spb. I saw the russian translation yesterday and can say that it is really good, perhaps even more better than original and more powerful in words, as you can use more beautiful expressions and combinations of “big” words with the same meaning, but I wanted this one.

Last month I read it all out loud to improve my reading skills and pronounciacion. It is very good book, as good as the first one written by Mark “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck”. I feel the same way as he is and maybe we are on the same wave when write our posts trying to tell people to live by now and be alive and never give up.

But actually, as a spoiler, the book is not about the hope itself. There was everything around the hope and a lot of other much more important things, than hope, which one is appeared just not exist at all. Maybe not in such way, but the main idea is that we don’t need to hope for a better: life, environment around of you, good behavior of people, the understanding and the supporting, instead all you need is to be better itself. And it is the only way of living, working and existing: improving your knowledges and relationships, developing your skills, rise the level of life and be happy.