There is no way back

“We would never be back in the past and to our past selves”, – this thought just came in my mind, being in the deep frustration about people around while I was listening to the music on my way to work inside the metro train.

It’s your reflection looking back to pull you down.

Through the several station one younger boy just came into the doors and suddenly his blue hair colored that gray place and made it from dark and boring to the rainbow lights.

So pick any number
Choose any color

Bad writers write text with words you would never be able to understand, good writers mixing letters as notes are mixed in melodies for you, whom will be able to listen to the music of their written text.

I’ve got the answer
Open the envelope

Lack of the energy is not just words, it really happen to us in any different ways. Yesterday I felt ill and thought that a little bit of sleep will be ok, but I slept from 7 pm to 5 am and I couldn’t do anything to wake me up. It was just a fall in the abyss with dark dreams and nightmares. I was tired and empty. I wasn’t be able to move and to do anything and needed the rest. Only once in the night I was awakened by the long-awaited rain with lightning and thunder. And the chill came over me with the pleasant smell of the wet grass through the window.

I’ll give you one more chance
To say we can change or part ways

Sometimes it’s good to do nothing and just try to draw strength from the cosmic cloud of energy flows, if to believe in them. In any case, when the body rests, it works. You will full of the energy somehow in the end of the charging.

You can think it is the apathy or the depression or emotional burnout, or it could be all in one bottle. But believe me, some little charging will help and put everything in its place. You will feel still broken and confused but you will be alive and woken up.

One more time, again. Don’t give up. You are not alone in that. We all feel the same.

Just go, climb, achieve your goals and defeat your bad side of self.

And you take what you need

Waiting a new album 2021!