Every couple has their first song. The song they danced in the first time, or met, when the music was playing, or opened their feelings each other and started dating. This song is always in the memory and will be as a lighthouse in the dark.

Our first song

Every couple also has the other song too. Maybe several ones, which they associate with themselfs. This time we both just find the song that makes us searching the way back to our kind and responsive ​selfs. It only seems that we became the different persons, but we are not. We still deeply love each other and support and try to be adults as could as we can. 

Tell me how…

All we need is just some time to get what we want.

We tired of searching and the place we live, the people we see, the country we are not belong. We need a strength and clear mind. You have to push the door with all your might to open it. But sheer physical strength is not enough for this. We need our mind to be strong and powerful to break all this walls and locks on the way to our happy future. We escape the town one day.

Don’t worry about anything.
Together we will do that all.
Have as much faith in me as I have in you.

Love saves the worlds.

This artist’s impression shows CR7 a very distant galaxy discovered using ESO’s Very Large Telescope. It is by far the brightest galaxy yet found in the early Universe and there is strong evidence that examples of the first generation of stars lurk within it. These massive, brilliant, and previously purely theoretical objects were the creators of the first heavy elements in history — the elements necessary to forge the stars around us today, the planets that orbit them, and life as we know it. 

29/06/2014 ~ 29/06/2021