BOOKS will win over SNS

I gave up in people, I think a lot of time ago. But still hope for some flick of consciousness in their brains. And I really hope that books will win over SNS.

I hope that people will speak for self more than to speak the others opinion’s and repeat marketing words and mottos. I still believe that this world can be fixed. Maybe later, but something will happen and people will be tired and find out and understand that really matters, that life is short and that they are itself the main meaning of living.

Maybe in that time I will be already dead and maybe did not become a writer, but all I write now is matter for me, because I put myself first and don’t regret it, don’t need to pity myself or feel sorry and bad for others, everyone, whom I like and love and respect.

I am not sorry if I am choosing myself, love myself, treat myself and do what I like and what I want. It is my life – not yours, it is not belong to my parents or anyone else (even God don’t own my soul).

This is why I write and hope someone will read and understand and do something. Maybe do even more than I will be able to do.

 I believe books will win the SNS.

Books speak with you through the silence of your heart.
SNS speak with everyone besides you itself.
Books can guide, help and support.
SNS can distract, degrade, destorb, disappoint, upset and even kill.
SNS will never educate you as could the books.

I hope…that one day you’ll find your own book of life and be saved.

This is the best publication (editorial work) of the book I ever read!
My try to add some sounds… failed with quality of the video. 

Be able to read is a real gift. Use it well.