There were not a lot of art places in Dubai I knew to visit, but the one was this avenue in the industry area and I really got an effort to get there and from there without a car.

For visiting this place you have two option – by taxi and by bus, because the metro station is far away… but I need to tell you that walking from the bus stop is also a very long distant and not very convenient, since there are no sidewalks as such. And yes, a kilometer under the sunheat (+42) is not insignificant. But I did it and what I saw…the light gray buildings, which looked like huge containers, were arranged exactly parallel and perpendicular, like warehouses where ideas and creations were stored inside.

But the lack of any roofs, tents or sun shades made the place sad, lonely and annoying. On a weekday afternoon it looked like I was there alone, though afterward it turned out that life was hiding in one of the coffee shops. Whether it was staff from the local galleries or passerbys like me, it was hard to tell.

Several places were closed for the exhibition dismantling, a few more were overhanging paintings and it was hard to know where to go and what to see.

After visiting the first gallery, where somehow I got to talk to the manager even though I hadn’t planned to (it turned out to be the best place among the others), I walked through a couple more buildings, had coffee, visited a couple of strange exhibitions, walked around, and headed for the bus stop. The stop, according to the map, wasn’t that far away, but in reality, walking to it by the side of the road in the blazing sun was an ordeal. Good thing there was an air-conditioned waiting room at this big bus station…

My feelings after visiting the exhibitions with the huge metal iceberg, finally turned me to frustration and I departed in a bad mood and completely exhausted by the heat. Nope, a taxi cab would not have helped anyway.

Well, speaking of that strange iceberg: the exhibition was about global warming and a similar work sailed through some straits in Europe to draw attention to the problem. But you know, the problem of warming on our planet worries many people just as much as a star burning high in the sky, which in fact may have been dead for a long time. 

The explanation…
Main object of the exhibition

Another performance of paintings on the walls, among huge empty halls, where I, being alone, felt like being in an empty box, impressed me only with their textures, but were as meaningless as the description to the exhibition, which I tried to understand, but did not. 

I don’t know, maybe it all makes sense, but for now, I remain a fan of the classical school of art and the masters who make objects that bring beauty and aesthetics more than meanings and reflections of society’s problems.

Learning something new is in any case always useful and pleasant. I always try to understand and apply this knowledge to reality in order to keep up with the rapidly developing and changing world around me.