Yes, there was a time when…

There was a time when the Instagram has his straight and power to make people more kind, more open, erase the borders and wide the horizons. 

It was a time, when it helped me someway and make me more who I am now. 
It was a time, when I was happy with my long-distant friends and use the app as the opportunity to be more closer to them.
It was a time when my future husband noticed me there and so many different things just happened after.

Now… I don’t think the same, I don’t feel the same way.

We live in a time, when the simple app can became a weapon and bring a danger.

Did you ever were struggling with people you don’t even know?
Did you ever compare you with people who were your friends some time ago?
Did you ever tried to understand why you feel so awful and why you full of doubts, regrets and anxiety?

You scroll the line and don’t see the finish.
You look for nothing and get nothing.
Your mind is mixed with the unknowing of what to do and where to go.
Your brain is just fooled with the science, where you are no longer a collection of cells in your body, but a rat in the digital cell.

How will you get out of this mess? 
When you will start thinking again on your own?
Where will you be in the future and what will you do?
Who you really want to be?

There is no answer, if you still will continue do as the others want you to think and to act.

You will never change your life, never start something new, never will be free, if you don’t stop doing some stupid and unnecessary things.
You will never be yourself without that one hard and, in the same way, a simple step.

Stop selling your life.

Start to think and do something.
Try to train your head’s gray cells after all.
Don’t listen nobody advices.
Live your life as you want.

Begin again and be not afraid of that.

Yes, there was a time I used it all and I don’t want anymore.
➤ miotohamura
➤ 4lcloverclouds

I want my life, my thought and my creativity back.
And I am sure it will bring me happiness, calmness and success.

I’ll see you soon in a new chapter of my life!