The meaning of life

There are just two types of adults in this world (for me): 

  • the first one thinks that the meaning of life is their kids and that only they are the main reason of life and existence; 
  • the second one is just knows that the first are wrong.

Maybe the biggest problem here is that the first one of them can’t think and the second one can’t explain. Anyway the first type will never listen and understand and make causal relationships or build connections between two simple interpretations of the one whole, and the second type will not explain as long as thinks there is no need in that. Well, I try just give you my simple explanation since I can’t get the other, which one for me just has no sense.

Children must be free.

And also there are more other things that supposed to be, but they are not common in our real life. 

Every kid is free as soon as he or she are came to the world. 
Every kid needs help, support and understanding before he grew up. 
Every kid needs a hope and beliefs. 
Every kid needs a listener and a friend.
Every kid must be a kid and not a caregiver to the family, a second parent to the sibling, not a helper and supporter for everyone around as he or she is young, not strong enough itself and don’t know a lot about the adults life.
Every kid have a right to live his little life.
Every kid needs to be happy, joyful, smile and play.
Every kid needs to be allowed to be imaginative, paint other worlds in the head, be not afraid of something and know, that in home there is a castle to save him and protect from anything.
Every kid needs to be loved and to be itself till the end.

What do you really think after you read that all above?
What do you think about your childhood?
Did you really were a happy child? 
(Will be glad to hear that just from someone one day.)

It looks like all we have in our world now are just crashed and lonely souls who is still fight with itself for the happy ending.

Everything’s starts from inside. 

The environment, the country, the government rules, lows, principles and propaganda are not responsible for the person’s mind and happiness. Foundation stone that influence the behavior of the human at first place is the family.And only then, in the second place, the knowledge how to be able to think by himself!

So, returning back, what exactly I wanted to say about two types of adults?

The adults, who suddenly got a child and who was not consciously about that from the beginning or plan it well, without the understanding what awaits them in next 20 years and after, don’t know how to raise children well and happily (as long as they themselves are children), they will never succeed in that. All that they’ll got just the disappointment and regrets. And in the end there will be one more unhappy other adult, who was not supposed to live like that from the beginning and will grow his future children the same way.

Kids are not weeds in the garden, because even weeds need fertilized soil.

Make a long story short people betray their life, dreams and wishes and step in the world of stereotypes by turning on survival mode. Then they are switched their full attention over to a child, and forget that he or she is a whole separate person by himself.  And often, without realizing it, they project their unlived life onto the child, trying to make someone else out of him just to feel alive and happy again.

Completely devoting themselves to a kid, parents are depriving the child of freedom, the ability to think, to choice and to desire something.

So, how do you think, might someone have a right to ask people – why and with what a reason they decided to have a baby?
And how do you think, might that people have a right to ask back – why someone does not have kids?

In the first place you need a sober and clean mind and be a grown up enough adult to be able to handle such stupid questions. And also before having a kid, you need to find the reason why you are here itself.

If you don’t know who you are and what you want to do or whom to be – you are not ready to have a family with kids.

Because the meaning of life is not having a child or in the survival of the next generation. We are not animals anymore. We are not monkeys. We have reached a sufficient level of civilization and medicine to ignore these things.

The real meaning of life is in the development of humanity, movement ahead, understanding yourself in this world and what you can leave behind: something that is useful, interesting, that will make future people better, all what will move humanity forward – any discoveries, achievements, new horizons of science.

Or just one simple but happy life you will live, share and show as an example.

We have a great opportunity to life in the world there is the real meaning of life is life itself. And now only you are responsible for life and happiness of you and your child you will decide to bring in. Not your parents, not someone else, not any “institution”, which tell you what to do and how to live – only you will be responsible and blamed.

Actually it even doesn’t important in what kind of God you believe, if you are a believer. It doesn’t matter. What matters right now is only the existence of you and what you can bring to this world. 

How you will behave and think?
Will you be continue the circle or make something more?

Not everyone will succeed, but it is always a chance you will change something, that is why it worth trying. But what will you try exactly, which type of life will you choose and how will you succeed is all depends on you