Notes for V. #6 Some short notes in July 2020

  • I love V. as never loved anyone and will love always and forever. Because it is a pure love, which you can’t reject or kill inside. It is religious in some way. You don’t know the existence of God, but if you know the existence of real love, oh man, you are the God itself. That is all you need to know about the God.
  • The best decision in my life was to move in SPb. Did I though before, that I will be able to do something like that? Never. If I think about this step now, it is really crazy and it was amazing, powerful, exciting, motivating and I never regretted it even on a second!
  • Listen your own inside voice. It is better than thousand smarter voices around. You need to feel what you want. Even if you don’t understand that, just follow the heart. Yes, it sounds really unreal, but this is the holy shit – goddamn – Truth! It works and will always work!
  • The quarter of the century I wore a short cut hair, sometimes trying to grow them a little, but always returned to this children’s cut, because someone tell me I need to do as it was. But now, in my 30s, I grew up enough, to choose the right things for me and only for me, no one else. It is the best example of some things you need to do to become an adult – to choose, to move, to do all what only you need and want. Stop live your past life. I am going to be myself and no one else’s image. I am going to have a long and strong hair I never have before. I will have them as only I want! And I don’t care what others will think and say. It is damn amazing, when you understand the power of words inside of you. Just try to say: “stop and enough, I am going to do it my way”. Try it! And only in this case you will be free and happy.