Totoro cafe

It was an amazing – suddenly to go there. The weather was warm and nice. The leaves were so shiny in the sun light and I was walking here and there to take all photos in time before the sun will try to hide behind the clouds. 

So interesting that no one can do plans right now and don’t know what will be next. How will change the travel polices? Will people be able to travel and handle the expenses? How long will be a crises after the virus will be slowing down? A bit of scary. But is it really: “There is a curse. They say: May you live in interesting times.”, as wrote Terry Pratchett in the Interesting Times (Discworld 17 Rincewind 5). Just a joke. We will go forward and after all of this the world will be better, I hope.

Address: 5-3-1 Daita Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Business hours: 10.30am-7pm (closed Tuesday & Public Holidays)
Tel: 03-5787-6221

Nearest station: Setagaya Daita (3 minute walk)