Tea room Tokyo Saryo

One more place I want to remember and write about. But before the starting I need to recall the atmosphere and feel it again. Before the Christmas, 22th of December, Tokyo, dark evening, just a little bit after the 4 p.m. We were walking around Setagaya in the cold rain. It was good rain with strong and big drops. Two stations away from Shibuya,  exploring the affluent Setagaya neighborhood, which was invaded by hipster cafés. Surprisingly peaceful aura. My umbrella was wide but didn’t defend me from the wall of invisible crying of the sky. It was a special day. Later I’ll tell you about two more places we visited in this dark evening. But now on my way is the tea house, not a real house – a little tea room, which left us with a big deep impression into the modern process of the ceremony.

Well, what about the tea culture…we are these strange people who has no alcohol at home but some levels of shelves, cluttered with metal and glass jars, which are full of different kinds of tea. In the magazines the owner, Mikito Tanimoto, says, “Many buyers don’t focus on the taste or flavor of the tea they drink and for a long time, no essential design approach was created… These problems prevent consumers from getting good green tea and I wanted to change that.”  What did I remember about that day? (The tea was good exactly.) 

She is on the video <3

But did you remember us? Just some strange Russian couple in the room at this time, lonely customers. The girl tried hard to speak Japanese, what was funny, but really embarrassing for her. …looks like it was all she could remember from her past studies? I could study better, I know. But it was first time, maybe because of the tea or because we were alone with our guide-confectioneries who served on the other side. I was in some way emotionally happy to start my bad speaking in Japanese. It is always the atmosphere, exactly, that makes me feel safe and don’t be afraid to make a mistake.

Everything in the space was off-white and matte black with a soft tannum. “A flood of light, which seems to emanate from everywhere and nowhere.“

We left our umbrellas somewhere in the corner of the room, sat and started our soul journey. So sad I didn’t remember the name of the “barmen” girl. She was pretty, open-minded and so kind to the tired and wet cold foreigners in the middle of their travel. It was really a good day. And I like we visited this place.

I hope this place will be the same and still there, when the crisis will ended after the quarantine. 

Be safe and good luck, guys. You are cool. Tokyo Saryo 

1-34-15 Kamiuma, Setagaya-ku. Open Tue-Fri 13:00-20:00, Sat-Sun & public holidays 11:00-20:00