Just a little note about my art and blog

I adore my blog, I am in love with the talent I have. And I proud I can make some simple pictures and photos with the ideal composition that easy for me to discover on the other side of the lens or my pencil on the paper. I just can see the other people can’t. It is inside of me and I can’t change it. I am not a good painter or writer, I did nothing special in my life and did nothing serious amazing to be famous or popular, to be someone to earn money with my own hobbies. But I have a really good vision of the nature and the world and some credible tastes in Art, as Art itself inside of me.

Yes, maybe I have not a lot of practice and my techniques are awful in some ways, but I have the feelings and emotions and if I want I go and express them on canvases or in words. I am not a good person at all and have some sort of the vanity. But who you will be without the understanding and knowledges of that feelling? Will you be a better person tomorrow, if you didn’t know how to handle this?

The eyes were large and mild; and this may seem egotism on my part I fancied even that there was a certain lack of the interest I might have expected in them.

Wells, Herbert George / Time Machine

I will never agree with people who tell that the new Art is bad and some artist are just stupid and lazy uneducated youngers and far less respectable-looking muffins. Even if I don’t understand a lot of styles in the Art, as some cubism, postmodern, a lot of in the 20th century, new conceptualism, performances and don’t like them, if I will strongly object to the diligence of the artists to do something they think is important, I will be as someone, who don’t like my own Art. It is always not understandable for someone and I don’t want to be a such person. That is why every kind of Art must be free of bad reviews just only if it doesn’t breaks the main rules of humanity. The ART must be more kind, smart, good looking and express the feelings you want will be in world to change it to the better.

Sometimes, when I am depressed and don’t know that to do or how to be productive in the early morning and in the middle day, when the weather is awful, I just do presentations…

Some example you can see sometimes here in blog as below – my little stupid Presentation without animation. I made it just for fun to don’t waste time on nothing stupid and during the process to find the inspiration and the motivation. It helps, more than sometimes. And I am glad.

Life is good even in slow motion and meaningless existence, even if as a whole the existence of a person does not make sense!