Ginza The Bills

Continuing to explore the photos from the last trip and restore the memories, I remembered an interesting experience – The Bills. It was the second time we came there and all the seats was’t settled. V. really wanted to show me this place, about which one he read and where could be some special pastime. Well, every life is special and why don’t try to make it a little more unique if you can do it right now. The Australian cuisine was unknown for us, though it is  just perfectly fit to the elegant diner…

While Bills is naturally famous for their ricotta pancakes, we tried the eggs. Yes. It looks like some sandwiches with eggs, but you will never be able to repeat it at home, unfortunately. I tried and it doesn’t work, that’s why people going to cafe and restaurants. If you are not a chef, don’t pretend to be the one… Not every woman like and can to cook. Don’t be ridiculous. 

The food was great. No doubt even if it was expensive. But it is Ginza spot with the view from the 12th floor, where the lightening of the sunset makes a nice atmosphere through the big and high windows. The time was going slowly, around was calm and warm. Some older women in pearls were drinking tea with cakes and I liked unnoticeable to keep an eye on them. I remember as I was looking around and for a minute or more was lost in time and space. 

You know, sometimes the place is just to grab a food, to eat and hurry up to go out. But in such places, where you go by your choice and really explore them, the whole story of visiting is becoming different from just a simple breakfast, lunch or dinner. Well, I am not a food magazine writer, but it is really a very big world of emotions and experiments you maybe just don’t understand or just didn’t try yet.

Wish everyone to start someday…sure, when the quarantine will be over and I hope everything will fall into right place: the mind, the work, the savings… Hard time you need to go through. That is all about life, as it was always.

p.s. Be safe and of course, try to cook at home. Good time to improve your skills! Lemon and beetroot are good together, btw.