Who am I

Love letter to the God

Am I a child or I am an adult?
Am I your work or just a piece,
Of dust and ashes on your wrists?
Who am I in the world of questions?
Will you allow me to suggest?

Do I have wish or maybe power?
Why is it hurt so in my heart?
If I have soul, could it be yours,
Likewise the sun and deep dark heaven?
Will you by me on all my way?
Will you my star that shines by day?

Where is someone I’ll be in love with?
Where’s someone I’ll be punished by?
Where is someone I’ll help and save once?
Where is my place to be alone?
Where is my place to hide forever?
Do I believe or just afraid of?

The flower grow, the river flow.
The wind is blow, the sun is all.

Will I forget about the journey?
Did you prepare me to this way?
Or did you do that with the aim?

Who was I and who am I now?
Who will be me when music end?
Do I believe or just afraid of?
To say that love will answer that?

Am I just person passes by?
A girl with lot of disappointments?
A girl who wanted to escape?
Bad dreamer and so timid writer,
Who likes tell stories and sonnet.
The sole real happiness I have.
And I will live and don’t regret.

Just smile and go, like silenced fighter.
Unknown artists stucks in ages.
Who am I want be – someone timeless.
Don’t care about delusive hopes.
Be free from others mind and planings.
Why did you made us such weak creatures?
Will I be answered in the end?

I hope we’ll meet but little later.
I want find answers by myself.
Perhaps I’ll pray to you with wishes,
Please wait me there in nothingness.

Under the inspiration of the series “The Young Pope”.