Tokyo Soup

One of the simple places where you can have a lunch and sit for a while in calm atmosphere just watching in the window to the street. Happy hours of the rest by staying in Tokyo in our last travel. 

Well, the coronavirus is changing the world now. And the safest place is only at home. Memories are strong and powerful. I like to share the good moments of the life. Because we all have the bad time, need a lot of good emotions and strength to go through this spring to start a new road, to work more harder in the future. Just never give up.

I don’t understand people who don’t believe in the virus, who think that it is not a big deal. Nope. We have a history and need to learnt from the past. Scientists more qualified than politicians now. And medicine worker as the military mans and our people in services are most needed to be safe. We can do nothing without them. But we can safe them just staying home and give them an opportunity to go to an important for everyone of us – work more comfortable, and be in the streets without a lot of people. Do that you can do to prevent the spreading and to finish this isolation earlier.