Ok. Maybe

Ok. Maybe I am gonna to come back to my writings.
I still not sure, but hope, with new power and words, with new energy and refreshed mind, I would love to make another step to the nearest beautiful future. To get it back or to get a new happiness. Looks like I was in a long-long sleep for a while. Just woke up for a little bit and went to bed again to fall asleep and be lost in my dreams. Nothings special. Sounds like I used to it. Yes, that’s truth. This way was always my safer from reality and stressful life. Even if I don’t know why, it is so stressful now at that moment. Maybe I am ill, or not, it doesn’t matter, but the whole body and mind just play a game with me and my feelings of the everyday life. It is hard. I never give up. And I fight with my short sleeps and try to fight the night demons by my own sword and shield.


I will win, someday, somewhere, with someone I love. And this searching of nothing special will ended well. I’ll finish the line and start a new road. I am on my way, just some other steps to the light and the day will be started over trough the dark universe and dead stars.