For Miho 16/10/2017

– Wow, you visited a lot of cities. Great! 
– Did you have Japanese food and get any souvenirs?
Special answer, thank you for asking. I think that twitter was a little short for all my thoughts… it’s just a little peace of them =) Let’s go!
Yes, Japanese food is very tasty! I was afraid that my allergy on soy will appear, but NO! I ate almost all except sushi… I think we forgot about that or walking past.
I didn’t like just Tokoyaki, and my favorite is Onigiri from FamilyMart with Tuna in mayonnaise (110Y of clear happiness)!
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Also I need to say that McDonald’s, Starbucks, can be different in different places. It’s real. Second time and I don’t like their cakes anyway…
In Japan the meat is different! I mean chicken and cow, cuz we don’t eat pork, but a cow also very rare, almost never for last year in Russia. MosBurger was tasty =)

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Karupisu! I was waiting it for 4 years! But a new favorite is HOWAITO SODA from Osaka!
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We ate Ramen, Soba, Ramen soba, Gyoza, Udon, rice in different variations, Pizza.
*Best pizza here was in KumaKafe in Osaka.
If you are in Japan you need to visit it someday!

I felt in love in this city.*


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In Osaka we have some european and asian breakfast together and it was also great!
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Surprises! Very BIG Daikon and…
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Didn’t like this jellllleee….

Socks for bottle! I saw it first time in my life, I even couldn’t imagine!
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I bought a lot of clothes in Osaka (somewhere on Namba station) and in Tokyo (on Shibuya in Lumine). It’s a big differences in prices (I say about the ordinary shops, not boutiques). In Russia good quality clothes cost more expensive. Example is Uniqlo: I bought an ultra light coat there for 6999.YJP , but in Russia it’s 5999. rub  RUS = 11715.Y… And the choices are more interesting in Japan!

Second part of souvenirs was cosmetics, cuz I’m a fan and I use it from my 20th I think. HADA LABO – white/blue line for me + yellow/red line for mom and sister.
My lovely Korean actress, yes yes

We both used these little set in Japan:


New discovery is Lunasol, I bought SHEER LIGHT GLOSS (05 Apricot) Lunasol. It is cheaper than was my By Terry rose balm and it’s without a smell – it’s the best choice I think! I really like it.
Also some other staff from drugstore. But a big one is Astalift set. セット内容:[アスタリフト ホワイト] ブライトローション、パーフェクトUVクリアソリューション
Will try soon.
Some little stuff I bought in 100 yen shop as chopsticks and a little wallet for small coins from Kyoto somewhere here). THIS PLACE-> カランコロンKaran Koron Kyoto
It was not a big shop on the train station and it was full of such beautiful woman’s things… I just couldn’t…go away… As a very useful souvenir I bought a magazine (I will try to read it and translate) with a gift inside, it was really fan to see a big bag there!
It’s almost all. It was long trip and we pay for our air tickets and JR pass earlier but we were in 4 hotels and it was the main item of expenses…
Well. Now we are going to keep our money again to visit Japan next year and to work and study hard to change our life to the best…
It’s hard to explain, why people want to live in other places, which one they don’t belong, but we just feel the japanese culture inside of us. We like the traditions and even religions and the hardworking! You know, people in other places just can’t work and don’t understand what does it mean “to work”. I see it everyday. They are not stupid, they are just think work will be done itself… And a big problem is in relationships and respects of others. We were tourists in Japan but we do all almost as Japanese do (of course just because I studied Japan long ago and worked in J-center and even now my sellers of the company are from Japan and I make a purchase and a delivery service), and it was very sad, when we see a noisy and drunk americans in the train and other Japanese looked at us, as we were like them. But not…we were also outraged.
If we will be able to live and work in Japan  someday, we want to keep rules, to obey the low and to respect the rights of others, not because we are not from this country, but just because it’s a good manners and it will be my pleasure.
It seems to me that in the constitution of every country a person has the right to live where he wants. We are not guilty, we were born somewhere in other places. I was not born in Russia, but I also do not want to live in Russia… I would like to work and live, where my soul will be calm and cozy, to meet old age and death with joy on my face. Yes, I have a new dream, to become a grandmother in Japan, to live in a small suburb of a big city, maybe I will even grow flowers at the door, feed cats and protect myself from the scorching sun under the umbrella as many Japanese people do.