Get rid of your mascara

You know, last week I made a great changes in my girl-life routine:  I denied of my mascara forever. It was a little hard, but I just took it in my hand from my beautician (make up bag), and then throwed it out to a rubbish bin. I though, anyway its period of using was almost expired.
(Sure I need to note, that V. never liked this part of my make up. It is seemed him not natural but he let me do as I wanted…)
Last month I got a new responsibilities (a lot of new duties) at work and in August it was hard to not beeing a panda in the end of the day. My eyes was red, I was rubbing my eyes until white dots of light started appearing till the day I got rid from my mascara. Next day after that I went at work and one person asked me about my new color of hair, the second one asked about the new haircut, but they didn’t understand that happened to me. It was nothing about my hair it was my face. They just noticed that something changed in me and it looked beautyful. And in the end of the day I looked lighter then before. My eyes felt better! It was amazing.
I really care about my skin, use a good care products and I use foundation (I think it a protection from the street polutions), powder and blush, brows pencil and even cream eyeshadows, but without mascara (if you will use just only your curler for the lash) you will look more beautiful, now I know it! It’s really exciting to feel so light during the day and don’t be afraid of dark circeles under eyes, because of rained down mascara.