Our opportunities to have a better life

You know, almost every person who watches YouTube know about Casey Neistat. Do you know his channel? No? Then you need to see. Yes. But why? Because now, I think, not a lot of people have such a great success to make others listen and thinking about different sides of life (not at every of his fun video, of course). But last videos and collaboration with other tubers, make us to see the other world just right on the corner of our house, on the other side of street, near of us.

People, who can’t see or deaf or have something else (diseases, disorders of their body, no matter, what is this) are living their lives, as on the other planet, sometimes cross with us in our normal days, but they disappear so quickly, you don’t even able to notice, because you don’t want or don’t know. Anyway. Now, we have an incredible opportunities to study, to be now in the moment, to get more involved in social changes. We can see and hear the voices of thousand people, understand more, know more, be more kind and polite and supportive to others. People like Molly Burke or like Rikki Poynter, who I knew are exist just yesterday, (well, better late than never, you know), they are so strong and motivated! They inspire people. And I like to spend a little time to listen them.

But from the other side I like to make something by myself and to grow up, level up and be more stronger. To write, to draw, to think and speak it loud. How can I to be heard? Everyone has to be! Because now we can change our life and our world. We can, but yes, it’s hard. Different countries, angry and bad people, government with total control, corruption, stupid laws and awful religions… (I’m sorry, but I really don’t care who or what you believe and I don’t understand the differences without them. If you believe in something bigger there in the Universe, why not, ok, I believe, but it is not about my religion, it is only about myself). Why can’t we be not one by one? Why can’t we care about old traditions without prohibitions on others and discrimination (woman or man, black or white or yellow or green..who cares, maybe I wanna be purple! )? (All this stupid sanctions show to us the behavior of kids in the kindergarten, when your toy was taken by someone of your mates…)

People afraid of changes and to do something by self. People like to be invisible, live their little life and build the walls. Therefore the others, who stronger take a control. And I understand why. People don’t trust to someone else, and sometimes even to yourself. People made a mess in the world by their own hands because of their scares. Our leaders (I like to write as I hear – lie-ders from the word of “lie”), our politicians, they do that because of …something…SOMETHING?

Real power, what is this? Did you read a book “Bilderberg group” or watch the “House of cards“? Don’t you see the problem? It is all because of us, because we are make this world, this society with these problems. And till the end while we are like now, this will not be changed. One person will not change the world. The world will not change tomorrow. But we can change children, who are growing up now, who will take our seats someday, and when the people, who have created this horror will be dead, maybe then our long time hidden power will begin to change the world, thanks to millions of millions like us who wanted peace, well-being and love on the Earth.

This little post is like the note for me to remember about the importance of being open to the world, say more, to study more and a lot of “more more more”. Yes, I used it so often here. But I want to have more…happiness, understanding, realization and love.

I want WORLD PEACE (even if it sounds naive).