Notes for V. #2 2011~2017 (3/3)

My words to you

Behind our backs we covered scars.
We searched for love, comfort and healing,
To rid from demons in our dreamings,
And searched a place with million stars.

The reason… why we are together? 
You are not someone to forget,
And to escape from painful feelings,
Lost in past years without regrets.

I looked for future, made the wishes,
And wrote a thousand different plots. 
I heard a voice and silence swishes.
But never wanted to come back.

We found the love just from one clicking.
Now, face to face, you hold my hand.
And planets in the sky start flicking,
We burned the past and go ahead. 

It’s such a wonderful life. Since I met you my whole worlds changed. I was fixated on your smile. And now we are floating the stream and playing game existence. To the end of the beginning. I’m always thinking of you. You’re beautiful even if hair is a mess. I wish for long lingering glances and fairy tale romances every single day of life.

I wish never be bored, cry and swear at each other. I promise to speak more, tell stories I’m writing, read poems of my thoughts. I want to gift you happiness.

You know, only you can set me free. Therefore never give up. There is a long road ahead. My only one forever.