Developing critical thinking activities (mini helpful version)

Asking for clarification
Sorry, can you explain that some more?
Could you say that another way?
When you say …do you mean…?
Sorry, I don’t follow that?
What do you mean?
Asking for repetition
Could you repeat that, please?
I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that?
Can you say that again?
When you don’t know the meaning of a word
What does… mean?
Sorry, I’m sure that…means?
Working with a partner
What do you like to start?
Shall I go first?
Shall we do this one first?
Where do you want to begin?
Given opinions
I think that…
It seems to me that…
In my opinion…
As I see it…
Agreeing and disagreeing
I know what you mean…
That is truth.
You have a point there.
Yes, I see what you are saying, but…
I understand your point, but…
I don’t think that’s true.
Asking for opinions
Do you think…?
Do you feel…?
What do you think about…?
How about you…?
What do you think…?
What about you…?
Does anyone have any other ideas?
Do you have any thoughts on this?
Asking for more information
In that way…
Why do you think that…
Can you give me an example…?
Not giving a strong preference
It doesn’t matter to me.
I don’t really have a strong preference.
I have never really thought about that.
Either is fine.
Expressing interest
I would like to hear more about that/
That sounds interesting.
How interesting!
Tell me more about…
Giving reasons
This is because…
This have to be, because…
I think, because…
Checking understanding
Do you know what I mean?
Do you see what I’m saying?
Are you following me?
Putting things in order
This needs to come first, because…
Sing faces the most/least important, because…
For me this is the most/least relevant, because…
Preventing interruptions
Excuse me, I wasn’t finished.
If I could just finish what I was saying…
Let me just finish this, please.
I haven’t finished my thought/sentence.
Buying time
Let me think about it for a moment.
Let me gather my thoughts.
Just a minute.
I need to think about it.
That’s not exactly what I meant.
Sorry I wasn’t clear. Let me put it another way.
That isn’t what I was trying to say.