It doesn’t matter how fast you are. Who cares.

It’s weird and hard to live in St. Petersburg, where sun we see just a couple of weeks in the year. You always want to sleep and be under the warm blanket. You look into the street from your window and all around is white in the snow, gray and brown in spring, a lot of rainy days in summer, dirty and wet asphalt under foot in autumn and every day bedraggled shoes you need to wash… It makes you weak. Even if you understand it is just a weather, your mood can’t be changed by your own power, because sometimes you even don’t have this kind of strength and energy inside. All you can do is to fight with yourself to change the attitude to the weather and the enviroment, where you live or to change the place for real well-being and become more happier.

I am a person who believe in different and strange things with the exception of horoscopes in the magazines. I can write them by myself and they mean nothing. But I believe, that the place where you were born, the date and the stars on the sky at that moment could make an influence on all your life. I can’t explain this. Just feel the importance to be somewhere near of such a place.

I don’t think we want to return to the past comfort zone. No. I think we need to going further, to look for new opportunities and the place under our solitary sun, no matter where, to feel better and live a full life. To have more energy, to jog in the morning, to visit more interesting places and traveling we need to work hard and save our money. Well, we are trying to do all of this. We are just in the beginning of our journey. And even just to start this path was not so easy. We are continuing to meet with different obstacles on our way and remove them slowly by proper decisions.

Sometimes it looks like nothing happens in our lives. But look at yourself in the past. Yes, you was younger and maybe you hadn’t a little wrinkle on your face, but you didn’t know how to do something you can do now. In the present you have an experience which really worth your journey from the past to the present. And I believe our future is creating by our own hands.

Maybe you are going slowly to your better place but it’s a move anyway. Don’t think you do nothing, just keep moving on. When you see somebody who achieve something faster, then you, don’t be disappointed. It’s a bad choice to compare yourself with him. Never do this. Never listen to people who compare you with others. Be who you are. Do your own and believe in yourself. And then in the end you will be there, where you wanted to be.