The new category: early morning posts or notes. I will write it for myself. And day after I contrived it, my EMP turned in to AWP – after work post.

I didn’t wake up early to write even one phrase or juts simply to have breakfast at home. Sky was gray again. Two last days it was amazing colors and weather was a little cold but I liked it.

Hard work was done in the beginning of the week and these two days I’m going to look for something to work by myself. It makes me tired. I like to write plan. How can I do it without some tasks from my boss. In front of me is sitting our IT developer of 1C and work hard all day long.

V. work 24/7 and I see how it pressure him and makes exhausted.

Some people at work seems lost their brain and we need to do their own work, they think so… Sadness

I bought first time in my life some food from KFC and it’s taste strange, like it doesn’t have a taste.

My 13-years old cat in parents home got the diabetes. It’s a little worrying, but I understand, we all will help him to live and with this disease. Wish him more years of life. Mom got some stuff and makes him injections. She says he feels good and he’s not afraid of this action after 5 pricks already.

And in the end of a little note last point: I got my leather case for Xiaomi Mi Max.

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