Study skills Leading group

What do you enjoy in group discussions?
What factors make a group discussion difficult to participate in?
What qualities are important in a group leader?

Suggestion for being an effective group leader. 

  • Prepare for the discussion. Get organized on what the group will talk about.
  • Ask question to start the discussion and to keep it going, but don’t dominate the discussion.
  • Make sure everyone has a turn to speak and allow people to speak without interruptions.
  • Check that the group stays on topic, and guide the group ti return to the topic, as needed.
  • Encourage everyone to ask questions and to confirm that they understood ideas correctly.
  • Ask someone to take notes on the discussion.
  • Have the group review the notes, and check that they represent the main ideas covered by the group.

Is it better to study online or in a regular classroom?
Utilizing your English when you’re with other people is more useful for improving your skills. And that’s hard to get online because you’re watching a screen and not actually interacting with others. Having classmates takes you away from your focus because you have to review things many times for other people to catch up, or you have to do topics that are interesting to other people, not to yourself. So it’s a little distracting sometimes. However, focus is a good thing. It’s not a bad thing to repeat something because sometimes people don’t catch the material the first time. So that way, you go over the material. So you get to learn more, and people who don’t understand get the opportunity to ask questions and learn from it again. But sometimes the resources that you get in a classroom are really boring, and online you can just look up whatever you need on the Internet, and you’ve got it right there. You don’t have to rely on a textbook. Sometimes it can be a bad textbook.Therefore I think that it’s actually good to study online because it’s very convenient. You can study whenever you want and at your own pace.

If you like to study at nighttime it will work better because it’s quiet at night, no one disturb you, and you can do what you need to do. V. do it by this way regularly.
The negative side is you do need to motivate yourself. Therefore for a lot of people it’s better to be in a classroom where they have the other students and a teacher who can motivate them. But some people can’t afford to go to a classroom and don’t have enough money or resources to actually go to a big school. So studying online, they can actually do it for free. I do it for free and will continue to do it and will try to pass IELTS in the end of 2017!