Reviewing notes

I write a lot of notes, everywhere. I use Evernote, Notes app on my phone, a little paper moleskine to write there something short, that I have not forget or I want to read about later. Even a shopping list, and todoist. I write a lot. It is a way I do my work better. I’m achieving my personal goals and increasing my productivity, I think so.
When I was studying in the University, attending language classes, I always wrote a lot of notes and lectures. I have been making it not so well, as I can do it now (thanks my textbook). Here is some principles which I learned since that time. It will help you to make notes and write lectures better. It really makes the process of study more easier, interesting and you will understand all the information you get.
  • Read through your notes.
  • Write questions next to anything that is unclear.
  • Check your textbook to find details missing from your notes after the lecture.
  • Find a classmate to review notes together.
  • Use your notes to discuss the main ideas of the lecture.
  • Help each other to understand parts that are unclear to either of you.
  • Add to your notes or make corrections as you review them.
  • Ask yourself what do I understand? What do I need to get more information about?
  • Rewrite your notes to make them clear to you later, and to help you recall the information that you have reviewed.

Do it right and you always will do as well as you would like to. Be skillful!