Cult beauty orders

One sunny day I just accidentally found some online store with interesting beauty products. I planned to order a lip balm by By Terry for myself somewhere in the Internet or to find in the local store, but the prices was not acceptable and I looked for other way to get what I want. Here I found more cheap prices and easy opportunity to buy the cosmetics which I wanted.

My first order was:
1) Light-Expert Click Brush  By BY TERRY 4 Rosy Beige, 19.5ml (£40.00)
2) Baume de Rose Crystalline Bottle SPF15 By BY TERRY, 7ml (£27.08)
3) Realist Invisible Setting Powder By W3LL PEOPLE Translucent, 0.21oz (£15.42)
SAMPLE – Restore Shampoo By Living Proof, 10ml
SAMPLE – Restore Conditioner By Living Proof, 10ml

I want to share my experience with these products.

IMG_20161126_132830I’m in love with Baume de Rose and ordered some other things for myself in the second order, which is now somewhere on the long way to me because of the new year holidays: Aqua Tint Lip & Cheek Colour Touch Duo in Splash Tonic By BY TERRY, 2.4ml x2 (£23.33)

I like the texture and aroma of balms and its influence on my lips. 
The foundation is also good for the skin. But the click brush – it appeared that, it is awful…

Picture of the brush above is from the

It is awful from the technical side. I can’t clean it at all. Even after cleaning it with oil, soap, other cleaners, anyway it looks dirty inside…It is also amazing water resist!
I really worry about the remnants of foundation inside and the spreading of bacteria there, if it will not be clean well. Now I need to use it without brush. It is great brush, soft, beautiful and unable to use. Next time I will order foundation just in tube with an applicator. 

I care about my thin skin a lot. It is very susceptible to impact of chemical and environment. I’m plagued with acne at my life. I also have an food allergy and I had diagnosis of the gastritis. All of it is very dangerous for my face: red points, itch, acne on the forehead – it can make me sad and then the depression coming. 

The best treatment for acne is involve making changes to the diet or taking supplements. I minimise the symptoms by switching up my skin care routine and try to discover some kind of acne treatment devices, cleansers, serums and masks designed to deal with those dreaded red bumps.

Now I use La Roche-Posay Effaclar gel cleanser and Effaclar duo treatment and waiting the results. It really helped already and I just continue to use it twice every day. I love this site to order such cosmetics.

The Powder By W3LL PEOPLE is white and make cover on the skin like a silk cloth. It is better way to take the gloss off (mat) your make up or use it for clean skin to cover it, if you don’t need or can’t use make up for some reasons, like me – when I use some treatments against the acne. But the better is the color mineral powder. I found some interesting store and heard a good reviews about their products. Maybe I will try it in the future.


About the Restore Shampoo and Conditioner By Living Proof. I liked it. I found them on Amazon, but don’t think it’s worth to order it. A little expensive, I think… Just will remember about them and to continue looking for something better.


I hope, my second order will arrive to the post after holidays and the other parcel from Japan, too. Then I leave the new reviews again. See ya