Life changes

What was an important choice I have had to make?

To tell the truth, I think I didn’t have chance to make a very important choice in my life yet.


Everyone had changes in his life. It’s the unceasing process. Something simple and not important, as you know are everywhere. We solve tasks, what to buy, what to cook for a dinner, where to go for a rest. Just an ordinary actions. If you always ate the one sort of apple, for instance, and one day tasted the other one and it seemed delicious, doesn’t mean it will change your life at all. But what if you ate meats and one day decided to be a vegetarian? It’s different, don’t you think? The choice which can change your life is different from your present activity and little everyday choices. It must happened fast. Dazzlingly for you. In order to direct your life on a new way or something like that…

I didn’t have such event yet.


I moved to other city, I was looking for another job several times and became more independent then I was, I think. I started say we’re rather than I’m, because of V.

It changed a lot of things, but it’s just a life. And all decisions were expected of me. Some sort of perspective, I think. I wanted them and I aspire to get a new one. Every day is a new experience. And one more time, I had never an important choice which I have to make yet. But some day I will…


Have I though about what I want to do for a career?

Yes, I have. I think about it almost every day! How can’t I? I’m still young to change my future and make it better for myself. I need to move, work and study hard. I need to be motivated by myself every day. It’s only way to achieve something! If you don’t want to be old, fat, because of lack of activity and everyday eating of mayo, and with debs on your account, because you got the mortgage ten years ago, but something changed… I don’t want to follow this scenario, like everyone. You know, we have an opportunity to change our life only with our own power and wish. And we have just one chance and one life. Remember it every day!

今を生きろ!It is my motto!  みおとのモットー。

We will disappear someday, become a dust in the air, a part of planet or maybe of the cosmic asteroid belt. No doubt. One day our civilization will be forgotten like a lot of them. Do you know, because of illumination of cities we can’t see the stars and beautiful sky above us in the night. Maybe because of our present level of evolution we can’t feel and understand our universe and all rules of the mother nature. But we do our best.

Unit 1, p.14, ex.2
We all have hopes and dreams. Part of achieving a dream, for example, becoming a somebody, is being able to envision your future self in that identity. One consideration is your skills an abilities. Evaluate what you can do now, what you know, and what skills and knowledge you still need to learn to attain your goal. Then make a plan for how to learn what you need to know. Your plan will help you feel in touch with your future identity.

I’m in process of writing my plan! Yeah!


Do I have any hobbies?

Yes, I do. I have two of my favorite and my basic hobbies. I like to write and to draw. I do sketches more than fifteen years. My mom never thought I must be an artist, though my friends always saw in me a creative side and a little strangeness in my head. I often kept silence and was fallen out of reality. I was living among ideas of pictures and scenarios of stories, rhythms and phrases. And I don’t think it changed a lot since then. In spite of it I spend not a lot of time even for painting the one pictures. Though it looks like a lot of time, but in fact I just stretch my time to finish one of my ideas on the paper. Now I started a new one in my black moleskin book and even don’t know when I’ll continue. It’s normal for me. I draw when I’m in good spirit and want to draw. Other time I write notes and stories. Sometimes I write poems. But I can’t say I spend all my free time on my hobbies. Maybe it’s not serious. Look from the other side. If I gave this hobbies more attention and it was more serious, it wasn’t my hobby, it would be my job. I’m still thinking about it.