Identity. My research

How would you describe your own personality?
How do you think others might describe you?
What are first impressions of other people usually based on?
In your experience how often are first impression accurate?
What was a life event that affected your identity?
Unit 1, p. 11, Suffixes
Identity is the concept of who we are while identification is usually the act of result of identifying someone or something.
We used this term to describe yourself and for understanding of self as an individual. Psychologists use the term “identity” to describe personal identity, or the things that make a person unique. Sociologists use the term to describe social identity, or the collection of group memberships that define the individual. Each discipline may use either own concept.
The first psychologist who take an interest in identity was Erik Erikson (1902-1994).
His ideas rest upon a distinction among the psychological sense of continuity, known as the ego identity; that separate one person from the next, known as the personal identity; and the collection of social roles that a person might play, known as either the social identity or the cultural identity. Erikson’s work aimed to investigate the process of identity formation across a lifespan.
The central idea is that any individual’s sense of identity is determined in large part by the explorations and commitments that he or she makes regarding certain personal and social traits. The core of investigation are certain explorations, which person has made, and a commitment, which he or she displays to those explorations.
You know, even though twins may look identical, they may have differences in personality. We have taken the time to develop our own identity to begin with. Getting to know yourself is an important part of our life, happy life.
To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. Ralph Waldo Emerson
In other word, the identity means to be yourself. Every day we feel a lot of pressure from the outside world. We fight with the influence on us. To live in a society we constantly need to broaden our horizon, our knowledge. It’s important to always be yourself from the inside out. When you deeply know yourself and your boundaries you are more likely to experience a rewarding life. Without the knowledge of yourself you can be broken and make a step on the wrong path.
I identify myself as a serious and ambitious person, who always want to realize dreams and to achieve own goals. In most cases people say I’m very kind and nice, that I’m polite and calm. But my bad habit is I often stay in silence. It’s truth that I sometimes prefer to frown and hold my tongue. But I try to speak more not only on my native language. I try to explain my thought and feeling in my blog and in English sometimes. I study. I make mistakes. I like it.

The first impression every person is based on the look, person’s surface. We notice clear or dirty hair, make up, clothes and a lot of details, when we look at a man or a woman, with whom we met in the first time. It’s interesting, the process of identification. Process of discovering. We try to find something that can help us to know about somebody something more, to see deeply inside, but we can’t. We will never know what in the head of other person. We wear masks like many others. We hide our skin and soul, which full of scars.  
We are cheating everyone. We are good at deceiving, aren’t we?
You do not need to leave your room. Remain sitting at your table and listen. Do not even listen, simply wait, be quiet still and solitary. The world will freely offer itself to you to be unmasked, it has no choice, it will roll in ecstasy at your feet. Franz Kafka
All we need is to have a solid foundation of being yourself. We are establishing our identity by our own hands. No matter what happens in life, we always need to know who we are.
A lot of people take the broad path is because it’s easy just follow the crowd. When you stay true to yourself and establish your own identity it’s more of a challenge. It takes courage and inner strength. Cross your boundaries, don’t give people walk over you and take advantage of you. Start taking advantage to create your identity and follow your own road. Find focus and direction. No matter what you experience in life, the only person that will always remain constant is you.
Unit 1, p. 15, Speaking task
Our identity develops through the life experiences we have. One type is an ‘Aha!’ moment, an instant when you suddenly understand something for the first time. It may be something simple, like a concept in a mathematics lass, suddenly getting a clear idea about  how to solve a bigger problem, such as what school to go to, or what career choice to make. In Aha moment people suddenly feel they have learned something new about themselves that will change their life in some way.
I think to this moment I had just one the biggest life event that affected my identity. It was getting my first job. My first interview was so specific. I was worried, but I knew I want to get this job. In first time I really knew what I wanted so much. I waited the result almost a month. I never gave up, even when I thought about the fail. But I got it. And now I understand, it was special for me. It was my work, there were my people. It stay with me, this feeling of a little win, of  “chance,”  “just chance.” But no. It was the mischance, chance and necessity to exist there in that time. It gave me more than even I think. It made a direction of my path. I discovered a personal ability in particular in that time.
The biggest long term effect is of course to become an adult in all meanings of this phrase. To get the other social role is a new step to the future. It opens new horizons. You work more. You live. You build bridges to your aims. You get every experience, no matter how terrible they are. Because you know you need to take each one of those. If you here, but want to be there, how would you get there? If you truly want to succeed, in the first place you need to understand – what you really want, and who you want to become in the future, what means – you have to determine your own identity.