What do I like to do while i’m at home alone?

When I stay home alone I often spend all my time to study. But it’s usually in the evening. Before it…
My daily routine is to wake up early morning. I really don’t like it. It’s hard for me, but I understand it is good for health and for feeling better, just like be in a good mood or in good spirits. I read some days ago here:
There are a whole host of benefits of drinking water immediately after waking up. It’s without a doubt the easiest way to make a positive change to your lifestyle without spending any money.
Well, I decided to follow this little morning ritual to check the real effect on me.

I have shower, clean my teeth and moisturize my face with lotions and creams. My Japanese cosmetics help me everyday.  I wash my hair and do an easy hair-setting. I think how I can improve my skills in that, because I can’t do it well. Almost a quarter of a century I have short hair and now it’s a different part of myself, and I’m getting into the way of everyday hair-styling for a better looking. It is beautiful, when hair looks well-groomed.

Then I have breakfast. Something like oatmeal porridge with frozen berries, or maybe fruit smoothie or corn flakes with milk. The other way is sandwich (with juice sometimes), nuts and yogurt. I watch videos on YouTube while I’m eating and after that, dress myself, pack my bag and go at work. I try don’t forget about my lunchbox, that is important. It always cooked in the evening the day before. I like to have some fresh fruits too there inside my pack.

It takes me about 25 or 30 minutes to get to my workplace by foot and 7 minutes by bus. Well, I like to walk in the morning, but the weather is rare so good for enjoying this time. Fog, rain, snow and gray sky. In such days I like to sleep one more hour and leave home in a half past eight. At work of course I do my work. Usual logistics and accountants stuff. Something like analysis, writing letters, controlling the operations in the base, discussing with suppliers about making the goods, terms in the contracts, and the other transporting tasks.

I come home about half past six. Have dinner, drink water, do my yoga stretching and relaxing exercises. Then I sit for my laptop to write, to read, and to study. Now it’s the logistic management and languages. I want to achieve my goals to know English and German and over some years, maybe two or three, to move somewhere in the other country together with my boyfriend and to study on the  (M) – Master program or (Mag) – Magister program, or maybe (IMS) – Individual Master Studies.  In the other case to start working in the foreign company. But I’m still thinking about my future road and what I want.