01 The goal Камера/мотор/поехали

A short summary of my thoughts about my future starting of V-blogging? Why not?
I just imagined, that the studying of British English in my case will be more productive if… Because I really don’t know this language as well as I wanted, and the Russian accent make me impossible to listen, I just thought, in minute, what if it will be like a game or acting?

What if I will create some texts, scenarios for every video, and will do some interesting stuff, maybe the reviews of something, or just speaking on the different themes… Like everybody or like not. I want to be a writer, ain’t I?  I write articles in my blog, I even in the middle of some projects of my books… I’m full of stories. They are all around of me. And I have one little “Gorilla” =/ 

I can see in my head so incredible pictures of nonexistent worlds, the future of three-thousandth age, the larger space stations and space crafts. Other planets and other people in my imagination are real heroes of my fictional universe. Anyway, if I will be able to translate my books in English, I could read it here … maybe -__-… because I read even worse than speak.  (Facepalm)

Otherwise I always can be such boring as others, yep. (Tarararantatam! Applause.)
I will travel, show the other places, even if this travel will be outside of our flat…
My boyfriend will look at me and laugh. What did I write? You are reading my first scenario, didn’t you? It will be a great piece of your work to help me to learn by rote all right emphasis of words, maybe…

Forget it, my friends. I will tell you more and more about something, about all I see, and telling stories… (Again? Stoooriiiies?) Indeed, will it be the truth or lie? Who knows. Writers sometimes so odd people. Anyway…

Once upon a time… (Will be I so serious? Who knows?)

I’ll see you later