SachaJuan Ocean Mist Spray

A mix between a hairspray and a salt water styling spray, this adds grip and texture to hold your style without looking too ‘done’. Get that tousled, ‘just rocked in from a day at the beach look’ without having to compromise on style – perfect for achieving the ever fashionable ‘messy’ up do. This works on all hair types but is best loved by those with thinner hair because it bulks it up with a cool, matte finish.
Use on clean, wet or dry hair. Spritz a medium amount into your hair and then either blow dry scrunching as you go, or air dry with the same movement. If your hair is longer, wait until it’s almost dry and then twist it into a low bun for an hour or so. 
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Единсвенным возможным вариантом для меня оказалось: сделать локоны плойкой, немного зафиксировать и больше ничего с этим не делать. Держится весь день и даже больше. Морская соль в составе тем не менее должна как-то положительно влиять на саму структуру волоса, питая минералами, но это мне пока не увидеть, а почувствовать смогу может лишь через месяц. 
Для других же, спрей оказался, как полезной и любимой штучкой, так и ничем особенным:
I mostly use it when my hair is wet, I have used a little bit on dry hair to give it more volume. It’s not sticky, so it won’t make your strands clump together either.*

I usually spray this on my hair after a good post-shower towel dry. With my hair damp, I flip it over, spray the underside, then flip it back and spray the top (scrunching it a bit as I go). That’s IT! I can let it air-dry the rest of the way and it looks great every time.*

Others have complained about the smell, but I prefer it much more than the chemical smell of hairspray.*

This did not work for me at all. I have semi thin blonde hair. I was looking for something to give me some extra volume and waves in the summer. I tried to curl my hair with a wand at first and then spray it but that just made my hair matted and crunchy. Awful really.*

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