Salary-man and his ramen

It was nearly midday, a lunch time. Take a short breathing-space and work day will be over.
We see the man who is going outside. He looks not young, not overweight. His brown hair is cut close and ragged. His oval face is clean-shaven and has some shades of red. Gray suit and white colar.
He has a sense of urgency. What is this place, where he is going to be? – People around are opening thier own lunch boxes, drinking coffee or iced tea. 
– What kind of ice cream do you prefer?
– I don’t know. What do they have?
– In this shop you’ll find everything you want, dear. Make the choose and note that when you choose, something has to be left outside the choice. – Laughing.The others already taken their places in the neighbouring little shops. A terrain of smells. The meats are full of sunny warm and salty sea on the bottom of the plate.
– Are the man looking for something?
– He doesn’t see the Ramen shop.
– The Ramen shop? What does it mean?
– Oh, it was so long ago, when this delicious food was very popular in the country of the rising sun. Just a simple noodles.
– But the man doesn’t think so. Why he can’t find it?
– Well, he will be able. Maybe he is looking for something more then just simple ramen. Give me a moment.  
Ten minutes later the shops are empty. The man is crossing the street. The invisible door looks like a doorway from nowhere into nowhere. A very little shop on the corner.
– Why he knows, that this is here?
– The memory full of past feelings.
– But nobody is eating here at that time…
Long table to the left and to the right. Special rails for trays. On the shelves there are different kinds of plates and cups. The napkins in the little wood baskets, salt and pepper in the glass boxes, which are flickering many-hued reflections back. Bamboo chopsticks. Hundreds of them. And soy sauce in the big plastic containers. Our man is sitting in the center, thinking about something. He is hearing the magical sounds of a small kitchenette behind the curtains at the far side. He is smelling a faint, delicious food.
– This feeling, when you are becoming hungry… And where is the chef?
– My friend, this place is without chefs.
The cotton curtains are softly fluttering. The man is patient. Some time later he is watching at the moving plate in the clouds of steam from the little hole in the wall. A mountain of vegetables and hot beef above the noodles. Perfect. Finally he is alone and will be enjoy his lunch.
– But where is he?
– Here, dear, right here. He spent most of his time, waiting the perfect ramen. And he have got, what he wanted…
– Then, what’s the next? Will he go back to the office?
– Hohhh-ho-no, my little friend. Don’t you understand? This is his last station. Here. His last wish, before the leaving….
– But where he goes?
– Oh, dear. We’ll help him to find the way. Check the ticket. Time has come.