Spring days were came 4 weeks ago. Wind power from north ruled over here. I was reading news, where in every article everybody wanted to discuss politics, voting in USA, refugee camps in Europe… The changing of the government? I was thinking: why everyone can’t just listen, just wants to say only his own word, rude things and to hurt somebodies feelings. It’s sad. Crisis if to say it in one word. But the crisis in the hearts of people. They can’t love. They ain’t able to respect the others. And they afraid of changing.

Of course I understand the rules of world. We are thinking just about yourself, our own families. And it doesn’t matter what’s there around the corner. It seems me a bad way, but we know things stay as they are. And my family more important for me then others. It’s just my own life. What can I do, if we all had grown with this thought in our heads.

To change the system we need a lot of time. To change the people we need new people.
I don’t believe that someday we will wake up and world become the better place for everyone. Forget about it. More likely the planet will wake up without us.

At this time like this, not often, I don’t think about the future. Sometimes. Maybe about the studying, work and traveling. I really don’t know, what will be next in my life. I love my life so much and just hope it will be more better.

– Like in the “Better call Saul”, when Kim answered the question: What did you want?
– She said: MORE. Well, I want something… more, too.
– Or maybe you want to visit ROME, or you need AMORE?
– I’ve got it already. Thanks.

Who knows what I want, really?
And what will l do?

All this time it was cold. But I hope just for a time and I’m waiting the white nights. It’s inspiring me, when sun shining high and brightly, giving earth the warm.

The flowering has just began.