My little speach

The best way to learn English is to speak English always and everywhere. And if I can’t do it right? Oh, don’t touch this deal? Don’t be sad, tired and disappointed. No matter! There are a lot of other awesome and effective ways without the help of a teacher. Just do it yourself. A lot of sites and special programs make as to follow their advice, as take it slowly and think like a child. It is simple and everyone, who tried to study the foreign languages know, that it is necessary to listen to everything, to enjoy music, to watch the movies and even the videos from YouTube. You can do the flashcards, though I never used these. I’m just trying to think in English inside of my head and write. And if I will do it everyday, maybe through the months or years I note how I will be able to speak. There is no better feeling than being able to understand something in another language…


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