Song of the wind

The Friday evening was like all others evenings. It seemed every day of week was like previous. Watching from the highest mountain she tried don’t be so close to the city, where in the usual traffic jams the cars were giving signals to each other and emitting all kinds of noise.

The wind joined this cacophony and started to sing some time ago, decided to continue till the end of the weekend. It was his wish to cross the line of North border and to achieve some special place, where other nature powers will listen his whistling plangent song. But his cousin was only one, who came at this party. Rain started to intensify.

Together they were writing sketches of hasty melodies and performing them at their usual languages. The rain were throwing cold drops on the streets, causing the trees were trembling under heavy wind. Wind and rain were full of energy to show all their power of imagination. Though for people this nature party looked like a trick of crazy tendentious teenagers.

She knew all games of her friends. Under warm and waterproof clothes she was crawling home on the top, where in the rock her new high-tech home were made to order. She couldn’t explain her fatigue.

Suddenly, listening so loud whizz in that evening, which made her exhausting too, and looking for some earplugs, she found a book. And…at that moment, when she turned over the first page, she started to fall in a new world of such incredible legends of old city, where her friends existed in fact …