А few words about men’s cosmetics

I promised to write also about the man’s cosmetics, which we have.

1. KYOKU eye fuel.Two breakthrough formulations come together – cellular radiance creme and uplifting eye gel combine to instantly energize and brighten the under eye area while providing long term anti-aging effects“. Well, i don’t know, how long I need to use it, in order to get rid of my little wrinkles, but I use it sometimes.

2. Jack Black Hand Healer. Good! I tried, but it has a really mans aroma…
I use my LAINO or CATTIER hand creams, which I order here.

3. Jack Black and KYOKU face moisturizer.
These are easily absorbed by skin. No side effects and you feel refreshed after using it. Two great moisturizers that really give your skin a healthy look and softer feel all day. Just only complaint is that the tube contains very small amount of the substance. Therefore these skin care items are expensive. =(