Black mirror

Sometimes I think about our era of Internet and the unanticipated consequences of new technologies. I think about media and TV, radio and a lot of other stuff around us. And I understand that the goodness can to turn into destruction. Like a malware but in the human body, which make people to be like others and do, what in some cases they don’t want to do…

Some days ago I was reading something about somebody and thought that there are a lot of people, who want to be for example in Wikipedia? I tried to imagine and understand their motives and wishes. I wanted that the curtain was risen up and I would see their real faces. I was looking for the difference in us. But it’s impossible to look abroad the mind and search the heart…

Bad people or good, cruel or kind, smart or … Is there the beginnig and the ending of that?
Is this a real their meaning of life? I don’t know. Maybe you wanted to find the answers too, don’t you?

Discover for yourself your reflection in the Black Mirror.
The new British television anthology series created by Charlie Brooker.
“a shocking but ballsy, blackly comic study of the modern media”