A new one

I’m writing this post, sitting in a train on my way to Nizhny Novgorod for a couple of days. I finished my former job and will start the new one just on Thursday (in the 1st of October). I don’t know what it will bring in my life. Anyway I full of inspiration to bring something good from my side.

Last week I had a birthday. In this day I was at home because of illness. Maybe because of that it was just an usual day of life, as many others. Or maybe because the celebration are becoming unnecessary for me. Since my 25 I decided don’t count the age… Though, I don’t want to lie, I like to have a date, when I can get some kind of presents.
Quarter of century stayed behind and the second step in a new one was not so long ago. We are like flowers, who always want to be an amazing buds, have bright and beautiful aroma, who did’t think about the future, where all of it will be fade. Well, anyway, I want to get at that day just simple flowers and cakes. It’s enough to become happy!
I love flowers and get them from my colleagues at work in last day. It is so amazing that these people, which I don’t know and who don’t know me enough, became so short, but good part of my life. Curiosity when in one place were assembled so interesting people. And they will stay in my memory with good feelings. I hope we’ll meet, because of work. Yep.
Also a new discovery in the world of parfumerie. A little present in the form of perfume of John Galliano. This crazy aroma are not irritating me. I got an alternative of my Chanel Chance, which stay on the shelf in the bathroom and is bovering alone.
 I want to have more so amazing discoveries. My wish for my next year ;)