My future desk lamp!

I like things. I wrote about it before and I guess I will write about different things appearing in my life again and again. Things bring us some kind of emotions, feelings and lost memories from our childhood or remind some events, which have happened with us some time ago. And when you discover the same things at present you feel as you’ve found yourself again.

Many months I tried to find a best desk lamp for my work place at home, where i’m writing some posts with laptop, reading books, watching movies and drawing. I needed a light in the evening, which i haven’t. I’ve read a lot of posts about the lamps and even tried to looked for some kind of desk lamp in IKEA or on Amazon. But when i didn’t find, what i want, I understood, that I’m looking for not in the right place.

One fine day my boyfriend saw how i suffer from this ineffectual searching, decided to close this matter. He used his talent of searching and found an amazing site with hundreds or thousands of fascinating things. We were taken up by diversity of goods and inter alia found an extraordinary desk lamp, which i never saw in such style and with a discount yet! When I saw this item I fall in love with it. It was my thing, which really suits me.

We are in waiting for our order and when i’ll get it I hope it makes me smiling every day, giving me the light.

I’ll show you the real photos and write the review of this lamp in action later.

(Left-hand on photo.)

See you soon!