I do love cooking!

When I for the first time moved to SPb I didn’t cook well and all I tried to make was very simple and not so tasty how I wanted. I wasn’t so capable for cooking. But I studied and believed in my power. I knew l do my best! I watched Jamie Oliver’s classes, though I wasn’t finding all ingredients for his recipes and not all food were in our shops, I tried to create similar dishes. It was long but the process was interesting for me. In the beginning I was wasting a lot of time for every dinner. I thought I can’t work, cook and draw and study other languages, because I don’t have 48 hours in a day! But the beginning is the hardest thing not for a long time. And progress did not wait!

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Now I can cook fast and tasty. At least my boyfriend said me that every time when he is tasting dinner, every new dish is like searching of something new in local cafes. Though we adore our lovely sandwiches and cakes from Bushe that I can’t cook myself, we know that sometimes can buy some of their sweets.

Several days ago I received Amazon’ package, where was my Starbucks mug. I don’t like to have a lot of same things, because I think it is better to have something individual and unusual in single copy, that will show your nature. I saw this mug many months ago and lost the link in my browser. But it was not the end of the story. When you really want to have something it will be your anyway! Well, now this mug is with me. Now I’m drinking “Tie guan yin” and writing this post.

And in the end I want to notice: all things ( or people ;-) ) in your life, which you meet on your road, are important and necessary, even if you don’t think so.

When I saw the numerals on this mug, I thought about their meaning. And I was surprised! It was a date when I moved in SPb! Fortuity is not fortuitously. Like impossible is possible!