>Unsertainty and comfort zone<

Uncertainty and comfort zone. What does it mean?

Try to imagine that you’re staying on the road and in front of you two ways, but you don’t know what to choose? You don’t know what in the end of every way and you don’t know what are waiting you there. In your head in that moment are burning little sparks of neurons. I imagine that like this. And in fact you get a place, somewhere, which will be called the comfort zone. Right there, where you are staying now is your comfort zone, and you can’t leave it, because the future is scaring you. Uncertainty in this way is like fear. And it is normal. It happen very often and with everyone. It is not a disease. I think it is a way of recovery. Your brain try to decide where to move on, but like every medicine this way have side effects. You can become confused and interfere with yourself to make right decision. If you want to avoid such uncertainty and worry for everything you had not even made – just relax and think about it like about an adventure, which brings you something amazing as soon as you make one step to any road, no matter which way you want to go.

Many years ago I read one story. I was looking for one novel, but didn’t find it in my language and even the original in books stores. But I found a retelling. This story was about the man, who wanted to see the sea. It was his dream. When he became an adult, he left his home and walked to looking for the way to the sea. In the beginning he found amazing city, where lived the scientists, philosophers, writers and artists. It was so incredible for him, that he stayed there for some years and studied everything. But when he became master, he recalled his dream and left this city too. Next way is moved him in other ordinary city. There was nothing interesting besides one thing… He fallen in love with one beautiful girl and they married. The years lengthened. Our hero became a good dad and worker. His wife was happy, his children was smart and beautiful. It was life of good and happy family man. But one day our hero again remembered his dream. He said his wife about it and left his home for new searching. A little strange and maybe impossible for understand. And nobody knows where is the sea, because never left the homeland. In the last city he stayed like hermit. He was old and couldn’t move farther. Once, accidentally he run into traveler and he invite him in his home. They spoke a lot and then our old man said about his dream. Young man heard him very attentively and taken a big paper from his backpack in the end of story. He was a little upset. It was a map. He was a traveler, who drawed a map of places around. He said that it would be possible for our hero to find a right way many years ago. He said that all cities, where he lived, were at parallel lines and every road from this cities could bring him to the sea. But he tried to find his dream somewhere in other places…

It was a short story, which I can’t explain very well. I think that every person can see in this retelling something different for self. I just wanted to share my memory about this.

For me in this story I saw the fear and the uncertainty of this man. One comfort zone he changed at other comfort zone, but never moved through the border. He was just in searching.

Better is, I think, if you will move without stopping, not run, not hurry, step by step, to reach your dreams. And it’ll become your future.

P.S. In the end, of course, our hero saw the sea and returned home, but it was a very-very long way…it seems me so:)