Christmas morning

I woke up not early, not later and watched some kind of light american movie with Keira Knightley. Fast breakfast. Not enough, – I thought. And then I decided to finish my night sketch. I have been sleepy, though when looked in the window I didn’t want to hide in warm and soft blanket. We called it “goosik”, which is for nice and soft goose feathers.

Now I’m sitting here, sketching and thinking about different stuff around. My boyfriend is sleeping, because didn’t sleep all night, and it is normal for him and a lot of people who work like engineers or developers in IT. He reading and learning all night long at this long russian’s “new year” holidays. Just like japanese Golden week … Two golden weeks for everybody. But for me, bank employee, this is a little shorter…

I’m sitting here and thinking about Ladgies movie and who we are and why we are doing, what we do? Why other people try to learn us to do, what they think we must do or advise us something every day. I think, why some kind of people, no matter who they are: your friends or relatives, or bosses, – why they think about you more then about self. Do they have a lot of time? May be they are so kind, so amazing, that can do everything? Altruists? Ho-ho-ho… I don’t believe that, sorry.

And also: why some people so worry for others and I can’t understand it. I know my parents worry for me, because I’m far from them and decided some time ago to live my own life. I know my boyfriend worry for me, because he wants better future for us. I know, all of them worry because they love me. Me too. I love them all and worry sometimes about everything around, about stupid things like food, rent of house, money and other and other. But look at this! Is it right? They worry for me, I’m worry for them, and in fact everybody worry that others worry! Paranoia! It is a bad way to be happy! Right? I think so.

Therefore I have one wish for this Christmas: Don’t worry! Because if you won’t worry, I will too. Just lets be happy, in spite of difficulties at our way! We’ll overcome it all!

I love you all! ;)


                                                                ❄️Merry Christmas❄️