It happened almost 3 months ago. I left my native city and moved into SPb. It was unexpectedly for my relatives and friends. Maybe and for me too. Also it was scary a little. In one moment I just decided to change all my life, but in fact: one person helped me to change it. Now we live together in the best city of our country. I must be glad, thought it is not so simply to be so far from the past life. But i’m strong and know I want something more, that I couldn’t give there, where I was.

In the beginning, this strange new city seemsed me so big, so beautiful, but dangerous. I was afraid to make a step, because I didn’t know, what the way I go or want to go. I looked for new job, I found it, but it is not the final stage of my searching. I need something better. I believe it’ll be soon, if I try to do my best, of course.

My work and my hobbies are different things. Now I work just to earn money. But I want entirely the other one, which give me enjoying of my working process. I hope in the future my hobby will become my truth job. And I always will do that I want: to draw, to write, to make photos. I also like cooking and travel. Amazing things, which make you broad-minded person.

When I was young I had a dream to visit Tokyo. It seemsed me impossible, and everyone laughed on my wish. But now, this dream… What do you think? I made it. I even can understand Japanese and speak on it a little. Therefore when I saw in the past I see myself who was real fighter! I envy myself and want back this biggest confidence in success.

This space for that. I want to find it again. I’ll write, draw and looking for…me and my best future. I have a great support from my close people. All will be fine.