~Be an artist~

What is Art for me?» OR “What does it mean to be an artist?” OR Be yourself.»

Art is a diverse range of human activities and the products of those activities of different kinds of arts: pictures, music, theatre, film, dance, literature etc. Artis referred to any skill or mastery. In modern usage there are the fine arts and the decorative or applied arts, which becoming more popular in our world. Especially speaking about conceptual art!

Art is something that humans must do to realize of their emotions, ideas and imagination into the real forms. Art, primarily, is creativity. Expression of the imagination or mystery of our mind is the attempt to find a harmony and balance. Quite often it has a symbolic function. Art can’t be just a thing, which everyone likes or hates or forgets some time later.But every modern artist come into collision with a lot of problems and animosity of this world and society.

It is very hard when you try to do something, that others condemn, even if this condemnation is not at variance with moral principle. Sometimes i think that we, who create art, are doomed to be lonely, though it is individually in every case.

Do you know about Oliver W.Sacks? He is a biologist, neurologist, and amateur chemist known as the professor of neurology and psychiatry at Columbia University. But also he is well known as a writer! Sacks is the author of several collections of case studies of people with neurological disorders as for example his books about visual agnosia or about hallucinations. Hallucinations are interesting, aren’t they?

Who are these people, who live in changed reality with problems like hallucinations? Can they be normal? Can they be not afraid of beeing mocked at by other people and live without fear for their health? Can it be possible that artists, while drawing, look like patients with hallucinations? Really, I’m serious! When artist works and makes something, trying to catch his imagination, he exists in another reality, which can’t be accessible for common normal people, who are different from the artist. He lives in both realities and can see what others can’t.

In my childhood when somebody asked me to draw something I thought:”Why can’t this person make it himself”? Because it is easy to draw something like a tree, a cat or a building. And when i drawed, although I was not a professional, everyone told to me that it’s good or even exellent and always thanked me for work. At that time i answered one of the main questions in my life. If i can do that other people can’t do, it means that my originality and peculiarity is in painting. To express my own individuality I needed to follow this way and not to leave the road. But I failed to keep going.

What do adult think about children with creative abilities, when they draw a hat or the elephant in the snakes stomach? Do you remember this story? I recalled sometimes, thinking about my past. And whatever one may say, they don’t care: can you draw or not; can you play a musical instrument or not. Because all that important for adults is to preserve their face in front of the public. If you are a child, and the neighbor’s son or daughter can play the piano, then you also must do it. And there are a lot of such similar stories. Adults just want to selfassert at the expense of their children and very often only for one reason – because they didn’t do that in the past. They didn’t play piano, draw or something else and now they want to realize their lost dream in their children. But children have their own dreams! They don’t need to be adults instrument. Parents mustn’t treat their children as if they were their puppets, because this is their own life and not their parents life. That’s just a vicious circle.

More often adults don’t allow their children to make their own choice, and then their children repeat these mistakes with their children instead of respecting, loving and supporting each other on the selected by them road. Eventually everyone recollects The “Fathers and Sons” by Ivan Turgenev and there’s nothing to do, but return to the beginning! Even when creative people are confronted with difficulties and incomprehension of close persons or societies, they can not resist the gift, they have been given. This gift is a talent. There are 2 ways. The first is that it can dissapear under the influence of negative attitude to its owners. The second is that it can to resist to the surrounding with even more force.

In the first case when abilities (talent or gift) died, the core of this person changes and can destroy his/her own individuality. Then the person loses himself. In the second case, when the person tries to break out of the vicious circle and to cross barriers, then he/she can find happiness! Because happiness is to be yourself!

I think I should say to myself every day: “May be I’m not super artist, but i have my own individuality and it’s my way.” No matter where i work, would I have spare time or not for, this already a hobby for me, would i have respect from other people or recognition, I must continue painting something, because i don’t want to lose myself!

Be a happy person is the most important thing in our live!

Seek and you will find.And you will fine ;)